My approach to spending and saving is simple:

  1. Spend within your means
  2. Save up for rainy days
  3. Everything in moderation

Please read more my articles where I go into more detail, explore the evidence and explain various concepts in investing.

Credit Card Promotions Update – Wireless Earbuds

Are you looking for a new wireless earbud? SingSaver has recently updated their credit card sign up offers and there are two promotions that offer two great earbuds – Jabra Elite Active 75t when you sign up for eligible Standard Chartered credit cards and Apple Air Pod Pro when you sign up for eligible Citibank credit cards.


Choosing The Best Cashback Credit Card And Signup Promotions

With so many cashback credit cards, how can you choose the best? In this article, I will break down the different types of cashback cards and provide a review on them. You can get extra free gifts, cash or vouchers by applying for the cards via my links


OCBC 360 Revised Rates For July 2020

Given the low-interest-rate environment globally, it was surprising that OCBC 360 account increased its salary…


How To Manage ‘Free’ Money

How should we use the cash payouts from the government? The answer is it should be no different than the money we earn. However, in reality, we are susceptible to mental accounting.


Optimizing Bonus Interest With Multiple High Yield Savings Accounts

This is some extra thoughts and ideas I would like to share which is related…


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