My investing philosophy is simple:

  1. Invest in a globally diversified index fund (or ETF)
  2. Keep costs low
  3. Let it grow by itself. Do not mess with it. Rebalance at a fixed schedule or when necessary.

Please read more my articles where I go into more detail, explore the evidence and explain various concepts in investing.

Should You Add Emerging Markets To Your Portfolio?

Is it worth adding stocks or indices from emerging markets to your portfolio? The high GDP growth of emerging markets does not necessarily result in higher stock returns. So, you might be taking on more risk for the same returns as developed market stocks.


Why Do We Love The S&P 500?

The S&P 500 has been the poster child for index investing. Its stellar performance was nothing short of ordinary. In this post, I will examine how the S&P 500 is constructed and why it has been outperforming most indices.


Real Estate Investing Or REIT?

Should you invest in real estate or REITs? Although fundamentally they both invest in real estate, they are very different from each other. Let us examine a few key areas where they differ.



How would Syfe REIT+ compare with the three Singapore REIT ETFs? The comparison is not apples-to-apples as the Syfe REIT+ is structured more like a unit trust. It does offer additional benefits of a roboadvisor on top of just being a fund.


Mutual Funds: The Investment Decision You Won’t Regret

Mutual funds have many benefits which the investor can take full advantage of. From potentially…


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